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Scanning for compromised machines

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Description: The central University scanning system didn't really ever go anywhere. Do one ourselves.

Deliverables: A system which scans our subnets looking for compromised machines, producing reports for "the right people".


Customer: All would benefit from the additional assurance that our network is (reasonably) clean.

Case statement: The central University scanning system didn't really ever go anywhere. We should do one ourselves. At the moment we have no real idea that (mainly self-managed) machines which are connected are well-maintained and in a sanitary condition. See also DevProj#102.


Status: Resourced (4 weeks) for 2012T3

Timescales: A couple of weeks to prototype something. Probably another couple of weeks to knock it into shape. The hardest part is likely to be sorting out reporting, and we'll probably not really be able to estimate a cost for this until we have a decent prototype





Resources: It is hoped that any system produced would be sufficiently lightweight that it could be run on one of the existing network services machines, disc space permitting.


  1. Consult with IS to find out what they did in connection with their own related project
  2. Look at available tools/approaches.
  3. Produce a brief report documenting the outcome of the above.
  4. Pick a reasonable toolset, and prototype something. (Suggest prototyping in "evaluation" before then deciding whether or not to proceed to a full-scale implementation with a decent reporting system.)
  5. Review time budget. Either write a report and wind up, or polish up prototype for a full service.

Dependencies: Might need disc space somewhere.

Risks: If we don't do it we're probably not any worse off than now. The real risk is someone importing something unpleasant that we don't spot in time.


Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2012-09-30 1.0 Produce initial report surveying the available tools/approaches which could be used to implement a system
2012-10-31 2.0 Prototype something