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EUCLID Interoperability

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Description: Once EUCLID goes online it will replace all of our local database information pertaining to students. However we drive a lot of local processes from this information - such as account management. Some mechanism is needed to preserve the functionality of our local processes once EUCLID is in place.

Deliverables: There are two threads. The first is to ensure that IS deliver a EUCLID interface that meets our needs. The second is to update our local systems to work with the new EUCLID interface as seamlessly as feasible. The two are somewhat interlinked, however the latter is largely covered by the EUCLID Informatics Enhancements project and this project largely covers the former.


Customer: All academic, admin and systems staff.

Case statement: We have had automated processes based on the central school database information for many years and it would be unacceptable to go back to a more manual process that would largely result in the ITO duplicating certain key student and course structural information locally.



Timescales: EUCLID will go live in July 09 and we will lose existing feeds at that point. This means that a solution MUST be in place by beginning of September 09 in order to create accounts for next sessions student intake.

Priority: Very high.

Time: About 2 months.


Proposal: See plan.

Resources: Effort.

Plan: This is largely dependent on IS. We need to be pro-active in pushing for updates on progress from IS. We need to feed data requirements through to IS. We need to evaluate what local changes will be needed to support the replacement EUCLID feed and implement those changes.


Dependencies: Primarily IS in producing a suitable interface.

Risks: IS won't deliver or won't deliver on time or will deliver something unsuitable. We won't have time to make and properly test the changes before the session starts. EUCLID changes something in such a way that it fundamentally breaks the way a local system process runs.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-07-31 2009-08-31 CoreData Produce overall generic core data requirements document to pass to IS (from the iE project reports on a per-system basis) on critical systems (ideally this would be as a college statement).
2009-07-31 2009-08-31 NonCritCD Produce overall generic core data requirements document and pass to IS (from iE reports per-system) on non-critical systems (ideally as a college statement)
2010-06-30 2010-03-31 EUCLID Wait on IS interface to EUCLID to be available for testing - lets hope its by this date at the latest ...
2010-05-30 2010-03-31 ReviewIS Assuming IS produce some design document for the EUCLID interface in advance then review it.
2010-06-30 2010-04-30 TestIS Test the IS interface for compliance with our requirements document.
2009-12-31 ChaseIS Chase IS repeatedly regards interface progress, updates and documents.
2010-04-30 NewFeed Use feed from IS interface to produce a system to cache EUCLID data in the School Database for use by other local processes.
2009-04-15 2009-02-28 Account Get EUCLID account.
2009-03-31 2009-03-31 DACS Liaise with IS to see if the existing DACS feed (now continuing to Jul2010) can be used in place of our now broken SMS feed. If not establish an equivalent feed.
2009-03-31 2009-04-30 DACSFeed Update our local systems to use a DACS feed (or equivalent) for new student registration (account generation).
2009-07-31 2009-05-31 TestSMS After tip of data from EUCLID to DACS test SMS feed shows new students.