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Description: To commission the IT and AV kit used in Inspace

Deliverables: LCFG controlled Macs allowing university wide logon and ideally allowing access to informatics afs filespace
DICE machines capable of driving the AV Projectors.
Content management system capable of displaying multimedia contnent


Customer: The school and ACE

Case statement: This is required in order to commission Inspace itself.


Status: work started before project proposal produced.

Timescales: something usable for start of term, classes start using the AV equipment by term 2 so

Priority: high




Resources: Infrastructure unit for networking support.
Various bits of IS to provide the MDPMac solution
Technicians for some hardware install/repositioning
some consultancy with Simon about cross-realm afs tokens.

Plan: Use IS's LCFG controlled MDPMac LAB solution to roll out initial service, add additional software packages by ACE and install the AFS client to allow access to AFS filespace. Then respond to initial tester/user feedback


Dependencies: MDPMac from IS
Content Management system from ACE
AV from Electrosonic



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-08-24 2009-08-20 mdpmac Install a basic MDPMac machine
2009-08-25 2009-08-30 AFS client package the OpenAFS client for Macs and ship via IS content management
2009-09-01 2009-09-01 Tech meeting Meet with IS and ACE to discuss level of integration required
2010-04-26 Install Install all macs associated with the project
2010-05-14 Inf AFS home configure the Macs to provide as seamless as possible access to Informatics AFS home directory space.
2010-06-30 Feedback Feedback from the users and respin.
2010-04-20 write inspace-c we need a component to manage the client side script that Henrik has developed for Inspace.
2010-04-20 securenet WE need to secure the networking part of the trunking cabinet and also reconfigure the switch to prevent people from playing silly buggers.