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Meeting the School's Archiving Needs

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Description: This project will investigate how best to meet the School's requirements for archiving data

Deliverables: A cohesive archival policy for the School's data along with guidence on how this policy may achieved


Customer: School

Case statement: The report produced by concluded that the School's current approach to archiving was no longer appropriate and that investigation should be carried out on how best the School's archiving needs could be met. This project will carry out that investigation. This project will conduct that investigation and in addition formualte and publicise a policy on when it is permissible for personal information such as home directories to be retrieved from archive.



Timescales: Identifying the requirements and constraints which an archiving solution for the school needs to meet may take some time given the many different contributers to those requirements. Allow a week for this. Identifying archive methods and evaluating how they meet the needs of the School may also take up to two weeks. Categorising and assigning ownership of data and engaging those owners in initiating the archiving process will take a considerable amount on time (just how much depends on how much data we are dealing with and how many separated owners) but much of this work can be done by CSOs.

Priority: High. Archiving of data in an appropriate way is vital for the School and is something that is just not happening at the moment

Time: 3 weeks





  1. Formulate specification of School's archiving needs
  2. Quantify data needing archived
  3. Survey available archiving methods/services and assess best fit for 1) and 2)
  4. Produce and implement plan/policy for migration or initiation of data archiving
Effort estimate: 
3 weeks + CSO time

Dependencies: Familiarity with the School's data

Risks: We greatly increase the chances of losing vital data if we do not address this issue urgently.


Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
19/8/2013 Identify needs Identify the archiving needs of the School
26/8/2013 quantify data Estimate the amount of data (both existing and potential) needing archived
9/9/2013 Identify methods/services Identify and characterise the archiving services we can potentially make use of
23/9/2013 Plan implimentation Produce plan for implementation of new archiving strategy and implement