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Web based student password portal

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Description: This project covered the creation of a simple web based portal to allow new students to collect their DICE password after authenticating via EASE.

Deliverables: the above web portal


Customer: ITO

Case statement: At the start of every year, the ITO are besieged by large numbers of students seeking to collect their DICE account information, particularly their passwords. This causes a great deal of disruption to the ITO at their busiest time of year. This project will allow students to collect their passwords without troubling the ITO


Status: Active

Timescales: This project must be completed by the start of the next semester (12th September 2011)

Priority: High

Time: A maximum of 4 weeks FTE though it should take less



Resources: Knowledge of apache configuration, cosign authentication and Prometheus

Plan: Set up EASE authenticated web server
write code to have Prometheus display newly generated password as web page
write CGI to call prometheus code
add step to account generation process to send mail to newly created account's SMS email address telling them to collect password from the new web portal


Dependencies: Central EASE authentication service
School Prometheus service (for password generation)

Risks: Distruption to ITO if this is not completed in time


Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2011-08-12 webserver Set up server to run portal on
2011-08-12 website Set up EASE authenticated web site
2011-08-16 Prometheus Code Write code to display web page containing newly generated password
2011-08-23 CGI Write CGI to call prometheus code and display generated password
2011-08-16 student email modify account creation process to email student's SMS mail address with detail of how to access portal