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Deploy Git and Gerrit as full services

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The School has been running a Git and Gerrit not-a-service for several years now. This project will upgrade Git and Gerrit to full services
  • Set up new virtual server for Git/Gerrit
  • produce header files to allow Git/Gerrit servers to be easily set up
  • ensure that service data is being backed up
  • update documentation and helper programs

Git and Gerrit have seen a reasonable take-up by the School since the introduction of the not-a-service. It is being used to manage the Prometheus project, and has also been used for coursework group practicals in the past. Given the need to update the server on which the service is running to SL6, It makes sense to promote the service to a full service now.

  • build obtain necessary RPMS
  • create header file to install RPMS, generate certificates and configure gerrit web interface
  • Build new virtual server
  • Install latest versions of Git/Gerrit on new server
  • Move data from not-a-service to new server
  • Test compare data for discrepancies
  • port/update helper/support programs
  • Set up mirrors/database dumps
  • Determine best way of configuring gerrit automatically.
  • deploy new service
Effort estimate: 
In total the project should take around 2 man-weeks

postgresql, apacheconf, cosign infrastructure