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Produce a not-a-service for trialling

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Produce a trial service for disseminating information about School talks

Install the software ( on a VM and configure to authenticate against DICE.


Iain Murray suggested this a few project periods ago.

"I won't rehash all of the advantages (please look at the docs). But advantages for us would include: 1) the webforms are nicer than plone and announcements and requesting abstracts from speakers are dealt with by the system. 2) people can subscribe to any mix of talk streams in their calendars, email, and RSS readers. 3) Any combination of lists can be listed on the system, or embedded in any webpage. The School could list all talks going on in informatics on the front display screen, the main website, etc.

The system was developed by the academics that first used it, and after going through a couple of versions it's very usable and has proved popular. Maybe ultimately this is a system that should be talks.ed for the whole University. But trialling it with a couple of institutes and then a whole School first seems sensible, and is how developed in Cambridge."

We were going to put some effort into quickly putting it up, but it hadn't been ported to SL6. It looks like this has now been done, so perhaps worth spending a small amount of effort to get it going.

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1 week