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DICE under emulators

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Description: An increasing number of staff and students are using portables (Macs and windows) for much of their computing. Many of these users want to be able
to use DICE on these portables. This project will deliver a solution
to allow this.

DIY DICE will be used as the base platform.

Deliverables: There are two deliverable solutions :-

Non roaming - using DICE authentication and directory services
This will work only when connected to the Informatics network, using
a bridged connection. Primarily intended for self managed Mac and Windows
Roaming - using local authentication and directory services
This will work when roaming, independent of network. It will use a NAT connection to take advantage of the host's network support. This is primarily
intended for laptops.

Each of these will require :-

  • Appropriate modification of the DIY DICE environment
  • User and CSO documentation
  • Testing by end users

Customer: Staff and postgraduates

Case statement: See description



Aug 2009
Final report
Aug 2009
Documentation complete and tested. A number of users now actively using.
Mar 2009
Documentation has been completed for non roaming - this is now being tested by Carol. Documentation for the roaming configuration needs polished off and tested.
Oct 2008
documentation for running DICE under VMWare on a DICE machine has been produced (see MPU WIKI). What remains is to produce documentation on running DIYDICE under VMware on a self-managed box.


Priority: Agreed for Q1/Q2 2009.





Milestone 3.0 (testing non roaming)
Should take 1 more day of Carol time
Milestone 5.0 (docs for roaming)
Should take 1 more day to polish off docs
Milestone 6.0 (testing roaming)
Should take 1-2 days of Carol time (setting up of Mac and VMware fusion already achieved as part of Milestone 3.0)






Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2008-10-28 2009-02-27 1.0 Modifications for non roaming DIY DICE
2008-10-28 2009-02-27 2.0 Documentation for non roaming DIY DICE
2009-04-23 2009-03-16 3.0 Testing of non roaming DIY DICE
2008-12-31 2009-02-27 4.0 Modifications for roaming DIY DICE
2009-03-23 2009-03-23 5.0 Documentation for roaming DIY DICE
2009-04-23 2009-04-20 6.0 Testing of roaming DIY DICE
2009-07-15 2009-05-11 7.0 At least one guinea pig user using service.