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Informatics Reports into Edinburgh Research Archive

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Description: Currently ERA hold a one off snap shot of some of our reports but the main Informatics Report series (and older series) are held on the Informatics web site and managed through the School Database.

Deliverables: All new Informatics reports held and managed by ERA. A old informatics (and ex-department) reports uploaded to ERA.


Customer: The School (via RAC).

Case statement: Hits on reports in ERA greatly exceed hits on the Informatics web site. The local report management system is clunky and there is limited expertise left to maintain it.



Timescales: None although the RAC will presumably chase progress at some point.

Priority: Medium

Time: Less than two weeks, however its a devproj for visibility and also because it has some interaction with others (such as School Database revamp).


Proposal: See plan.

Resources: Effort

Plan: Most of the work is done at our end - we already have scripts to export data in a suitable format to send copies of all existing reports to ERA. Really this is just waiting on ERA updating the software at their end. We can then send copies and this can be advertised within the School. The final step is to turn off local report submission and direct people to ERA instead.


Dependencies: None of note.

Risks: Library IS don't do the necessary.


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