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Streaming Media Server

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Description: We already have which is used to serve larger binary files (via HTTP). They are mostly images and videos that would otherwise go on, but aren't really suited to CVS. The idea would be to extend this to provide an actual media streaming service.


  • Media streaming via rstp:// at "a medium scale"
  • Large amount of storage for the media
  • Provide video at various standard formats, bit rates, etc from low bandwidth mobile to high bandwidth HD
  • A stable URL for HTTP downloads
  • Support for "real time event streaming at modest (workshop and on-line class) scale
    (say 50 streams) using sdp announcements from live feeds from authorised users"

Customer: Informatics staff, students and visitors.

Case statement: Though there is a central, IS, provided service, which would continue to be used for larger scale events. Something smaller and simpler for use in-house would be useful.


Status: Proposal

Timescales: estimate 3 weeks

Priority: unknown - low? there is the existing central service



Proposal: Do a quick investigation to find out what streaming server software there is and the cost. If there's only a prohibitively expensive commercial solution, then this project probably won't get off the ground.


  • Good network connectivity
  • Potentially large amount of storage
  • Person with expertise in streaming (and media preparation?)
  • Streaming server software
  • Hardware to capture/convert/stream live feeds?
  • Possibly server hardware if it can't co-exist on existing hardware, or can't be virtualised, for performance reasons.


  • Investigate what streaming software is available, free and commercial
  • Investigate if pre-processing of video files is required, if so who's responsibility is it to do that. The author of the video or the manager of the service?
  • Produce test version of service and see how it performs with multiple streams etc.
  • Depending on the performance testing, scope if extra hardware is required to host service.
  • Should storage be SAN, networked, or local? Purchase as necessary.
  • Speak to people to see how they envisaging "live" feeds working. Would extra hardware be required?
  • Possibly limit the deliverables depending on costs.
  • Implement service as dictated by costs.

Dependencies: Storage, suitable streaming software.


  • We end up spending time and effort on something that isn't used.
  • We produce something that is too popular and it doesn't scale to cope with demand.
  • On going support cost of ever increasing storage (and backups?)
  • Do we have the expertise in producing/converting media so it suitable to be streamed


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