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Teaching/Research Software Requirements Management

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Description: The project will develop tools that allow staff and C(S)O's to check on current software and it's status. It should generate reports and reminders to ensure that these lists are kept up to date.

Deliverables: A dynamic set of web pages showing current teaching and research sotware requirements, the current status of the requirement and the status of the software on DICE.

A tool that allows staff to query what software is currently available on DICE, or is in the various repositories we use to build dice.

An interface that allows staff to specify and alter software requirements.

A set of reports which drive the various deadlines involved and inform staff/COs of the current status of required software.


Customer: staff and COs

Case statement: We do not currently have a definitive set of software requirements for each of the teaching courses. This leads to a messy scramble at the start of some courses where staff are asking for software at the last minute, software is unavailable because of licensing issues, upgrades break coursework and software is removed for various reasons ranging from obsolescence to security issues. We are also probably expending resources maintaining software that is no longer used by anyone. To fit in with the new software requirements process some management software would assist in keeping staff aware of what their courses have/will require, allow them to update the requirements, keep track of the status of their requirements and allow CO staff to manage and plan upgrades more efficiently.



Timescales: Ideally we should have something in place in the run up to 2012/13 session. But too late for that so more likely to be something for 2013/14.


Time: 4 weeks





Agree functionality of a set of admin tools, that, for example:

  • allows staff/students to query requirements based on a course
  • allows them to edit requirements if they teach on the course.
  • restricts editing to valid times depending on course development schedule and # of weeks before course is taught
  • allows C(S)Os to update current status
  • where suitable, shows current version of software installed
  • shows any suitable additional information (updates, etc)
  • allow staff to easily query the standard dice installed software
  • allow staff to easily query software in reqositories we are
  • allow staff to define tests to verify their coursework
  • produce various reports to drive the process including:

    • midsummer reminder of software status for staff teaching
    • 3-2-1 weeks to deadline reports for staff where software is
    • weekly monthly reports to interested parties on software for
      all courses


Dependencies: This should hook into the "course in a box stuff" somehow even if it's just look and feel. Some of the data will come from the school database. For new courses it should integrate with webmark somehow



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