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New Administration Samba Server

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Description: This project covers the introduction of a new Samba server for administration staff. All data provided by the server will be locally mounted thereby eliminating unreliability in the Samba service due to automounter related problems

Deliverables: A new samba server for administration staff using locally mounted storage


Customer: Admin staff

Case statement: Since the introduction of FC3, there has been a marked reduction in the reliability of the Samba service. The main cause of this has been AMD's tendency to block if the file it is trying to mount is not available, for instance because the file server the file is mounted on has gone down. This prevents the samba server mounting any files. A failure of one server therefore affects all Samba users. Using locally mounted storage will eliminate this problem and make for a much more reliable service.


Status: The new samba server has been in service since August. Operational issues and requirements have been documented and can be found here. We are therefore proposing that this project be signed off by the development meeting and ratified by CEG.






Resources: Suitable hardware for running the service. Knowledge of Samba configuration.

Plan: Since bringing the server into service may cause some disruption to administration staff, Anna Hobbes has requested that we delay introducing the service until at least the middle of July to allow admin staff to cope with extra work caused by the recent action short of a strike.

Update - The new server is now in service. Tasks remaining are to provide documentation to the User Support unit covering the creation of new admin user accounts and some final housekeeping regarding the location of some group data. We aim to formally complete this project at the October development meeting.


Dependencies: None.




Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2006-12-22 2006-12-13 Server improvem Elimination of NFS mounts and upgrade to FC5
2006-12-22 2006-12-13 Signoff by unit