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Research Data Audit

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An audit of all research data within the School

This project will attempt to all research data held on School storage and create appropriate metadata (owner, status etc) for each item of data identified. The project will also encompass decisions regarding how the audit should be conducted, how the metadata should be stored and how best to ensure that the audit data remains current after the end of the project


The requirements of many funding bodies regarding the creation of, access to and eventual deletion of data are becoming ever stricter. This audit will be a useful first step towards ensuring that the requirements of these funders are met. It will also be extremely useful for management of the School's storage.


To be decided as part of the project. Much of the work of actually collecting the data can be CSOs or even by research staff

Effort estimate: 
one week for decision making.. up to four weeks CSO/other time for actual collection of data

Dependencies:An audit of group space usage was conducted by Lindsey Brown in 2011. This project will build on that work

Risks: Not doing this risks failing to comply with the requirements of funding bodies with detrimental affects on the School's reputation and income