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Management Reports from the RT system

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Description: The RT response tracker system holds a lot of data about tickets and statistics distilled from this data would be valuable management information. The aim of this project is to create a system that can deliver accurate, timely and relevant management information from the data held in the RT database.

Deliverables: Database reports for generating management information from the RT system that would be helpful to the management of the User Support Unit; details of what statistical data is available and what would be useful are to be determined as the first stage of the project.


Customer: The User Support Unit management.

Case statement:

Suitable data from the RT system could measure some aspects of the effectiveness of user support provided by the User Support Unit and others. It could also point up issues that needed to be looked at, possibly leading to changes in procedures for handling RT tickets.

Performance data could be published so that users had a better understanding of how well or otherwise the user support function was being executed.




Priority: Medium to low.

Time: It should be possible to produce something useful in a matter of days for someone with the right skills.



Resources: The person doing the project requires a knowledge of sql and some knowledge of relational databases, specifically mysql.



Dependencies: None.

Risks: If the management information was not extracted from the RT system then it would be much more difficult or time consuming to obtain objective data on which to base policies and procedures for handling user requests.


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