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Personal Response Proxy

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Description: Provide a Tracker/Response System for ITO. For personalization of recruitment for upcoming students (Undergraduate) to get questions answered by an academic member of staff but proxied through the ITO. So the students use a web form to submit a question which feeds into an RT system for the ITO. The ITO staff perform the triage and respond to 99% of the questions (on behalf of the professor that is provided as an individual contact for the student) and field the other 1% to the professor. All responses (including from the professor) come back through RT and should appear to come from the professor. There should also be a FAQ, that can be used before using the enquiry form.

Deliverables: A request tracking system and web form.


Customer: ITO. This project was submitted by Stuart Anderson as Head of Teaching.

Case statement: Improving and personalizing our recruitment process while reducing time committment of academic staff.



Timescales: Not specified, assumed to be desirable for next recruitment phase.

Priority: For next recruitment round.

Time: Estimate two weeks excluding training.


Proposal: Probably just a fork of our own RT system and support form modified for use by the ITO and setup to handle a triage response.

Resources: There is a need for suitable server hardware to be purchased or re-deployed.

RT expertise from the Services Unit and User Support Unit could be contributed to assist development.

Plan: Evaluate a more complete implementation based on our existing RT system and support form.


Dependencies: None of note.

Risks: Training for ITO.


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