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Virtual Open Day

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Description: Provide a Virtual Open Day framework for the Web. Set up a Virtual Open Day web site for streaming mini videos providing a virtual tour of informatics. Probably hire in someone to make the content but we need a technical infrastructure to provide the service and for publishing the content. It is up to the individual business areas to supply content and Publicity Committee to provide an overall and consistent look and feel (with input from business areas). Diana and Mike have a reference site in the US that does this kind of thing. The Recruitment Committee is also involved to a certain extent. Videos of Chancellors Court and the Pentlands involving current students etc (not cheesy :)

Deliverables: A web server capable of streaming multiple video sources and a content management framework.


Customer: This project was submitted by Stuart Anderson as Head of Teaching.

Case statement: Improving our recruitment while reducing time committment of academic staff on Open Days.



Timescales: Not specified, assumed to be desirable for next recruitment phase.

Priority: For next recruitment round.

Time: Depends on evaluation.


Proposal: Not specified.

Resources: There is a need for suitable server hardware to be purchased or re-deployed.

Web and video content streaming expertise may be required from other Units.

Plan: Evaluate a suitable implementation.


Dependencies: None of note.

Risks: Video streaming load on network.

Storage capacity required.


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