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Project Management System

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A tool to be used for managing
all stages of the project process, including:

  • Dissemination of information about projects, including proposals, current state, and previous history.
  • Tracking of project progress, including identification of late projects.
  • The ability for users to comment on projects.
  • The generation of various summaries, suitable for managing the overall project process.

It is important that the tool is easy and lightweight to use, at the
same time as providing the necessary information.

Deliverables: Software and documentation.


Customer: The convenor of the Development Meeting.

Case statement: The remit of the Development Meeting is to manage development
projects, and to make this process transparent and accessible
to users. It is not possible to do this efficiently without
some supporting automation.


Status: The service has been moved to an FC5 rack-mounted server running with fcgi.


Priority: High.



Proposal: Implement software using rails web service development framework. Use a mysql database as the backend. Use apache 1.3 as the web server so that we can use our normal means of authentication, initially KX509.

Resources: The initial evaluation requires a good understanding of the project requirements and an
ability to download and evaluate potential software. If the evaluation indicates that some local software development is required, then software development skills will be necessary. 2-3 person-weeks are estimated as necessary for the initial requirements gathering and evaluation phase. Implementation effort cannot be
estimated until this is complete.


  1. Requirements capture (DevMeetManageSoftwareRequirements).
  2. Investigation of potential existing candidate packages.
  3. Recommendations to use imported package and/or develop local software.
  4. Possible software development.
  5. Production system implementation.
  6. Evaluation in production and possible refinement.

Dependencies: No dependencies on any existing projects.




Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2006-10-20 2006-10-20 basic Implement a basic service with the agreed functionality on an FC3 machine.
User documentation for basic use of the service will be written
2006-11-28 2006-11-15 refined Make all agreed changes following the review of the project after the
previous milestone
2006-11-06 2006-11-08 project load Project leaders to enter data on all projects at stage 1 or later.
2007-01-16 2006-12-15 faster Make performance improvement changes using mod_fcgi and mod_ruby
(if not already made).
2007-02-05 2007-02-07 pending data Project leaders to transfer data on all pending projects to this system.
2007-03-06 2007-03-07 service docs Document the devproj service to the extent that its components are described and how it can be restarted, recovered from backup etc.