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Publishing and Discussion Media Survey Paper

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Description: Investigate what publishing and discussion facilities staff require and what facilities are already available.

Deliverables: A paper presenting the results of the survey.


Customer: Computing Executive Group

Case statement: Various media/technologies exist for publishing information and discussing issues. e.g. mailing lists, newsgroups, web pages, wikis, fora but little is known for certain about how well these match the needs of our staff. It would be a worthwhile exercise to do a survey of user needs and what technologies are available and how their characteristics match the user requirements.




Priority: Low to medium.




Resources: Estimate a requirement of about 2-3 full weeks.


  1. Survey staff for their requirements in this area
  2. Survey available technologies.
  3. Analyse how well each of the technologies matches the requirements identified in the staff survey.
  4. Make any recommendations for change/additional services.

Dependencies: No dependencies on any existing projects.




Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2006-11-30 2006-11-30 recce stage Initial interviews with key staff.
Largely complete. Must still speak with soa in particular.
2007-02-28 2007-02-28 Deliver survey Pass on survey in agreed format to services-unit and us-unit
2009-06-03 Produce paper produce the final review paper for CEG
2009-05-20 collate data Milestone for collating the data from the Informatics user survey
2007-10-01 2007-10-01 Uni review complete review of existing University provision (to be conducted in parallel with survey).
2007-10-01 2007-10-01 review external Complete the review of external services which may be of use to the school (to be conducted in parallel with survey).
2007-07-04 2007-07-04 create survey Milestone for creating survey
2007-12-04 2007-10-01 release survey Milestone for testing survey limited audience, modifying survey on the basis of feedback and then releasing to the main audience
2008-01-11 2008-01-11 end survey Closing date for the survey