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EUCLID Informatics Enhancements

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Description: EUCLID won't do everything we need. Some critical local processes will not be support. This project encapsulates all of them although some could potentially be forked off into separate projects in the future.

Deliverables: Various local enhancements to EUCLID. On the critical list however are system account creation, system authentication control, online practical submission and student mailing lists.


Customer: Systems staff. ITO staff. IGS staff.

Case statement: These are systems which are pre-existing - not new functionality, essential to business function, do not duplicate existing functionality within EUCLID and will not be provided by EUCLID now or in the near future.



Timescales: Critical systems must be working by start of the 09/10 academic session. Other systems have different timescales.

Priority: Very high.

Time: 1 month for critical systems.


Proposal: See Plan.

Resources: Effort.

Plan: Evaluate data requirements for each critical system and feed this back to IS. Test IS interface. Adapt local systems to new interface.


Dependencies: Largely dependent on the EUCLID Interoperability project which is largely dependent on IS producing a suitable interface to EUCLID.

Risks: IS don't deliver. Change to EUCLID data structures enforces incompatible changes onto our existing systems resulting in significant rewriting effort.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-05-15 2009-04-30 CollegeMeet Arrange college level technical meeting to discuss common requirements
2009-03-31 CoreData Identify generic core data requirements for each critical system.
2009-08-31 NonCritCD Identify generic core data requirements for each non-critical system.
2009-03-31 CoreAffect Identify all known possible functional impact/changes to each critical system.
2009-08-31 NonCritCA Identify all known possible functional impact/changes to each non-critical system.
2009-12-31 Systems Continue identifying local systems that should be part of this project.
2010-03-31 EUCLID IS should have developed EUCLID interface and local support should be in place. This ia a guess, based on IS start date on interface work in Sep2009 - there is no other supporting evidence for this timeframe as yet.
2010-06-30 NewSystems Update each critical system to work with locally cached EUCLID data obtained through the IS interface.