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SICSA Database

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Description: A SICSA administration support database. The IGS are managing the student data for current SICSA PhD students (even those not at Edinburgh meaning that such information will not be held in EUCLID).

Deliverables: An SICSA database in PostgreSQL managed by School computing staff. The SICSA part must be accessable by other institutions in SICSA. We are not at this stage defining any common interface system to the SICSA database. We will implement a basic web interface in Plone. We expect other institutions to use the same interface or they can connect directly to the postgresql backend database. SICSA also require an events-management system which should ideally be integrated with the database


Customer: All SICSA institutions.

Case statement: SICSA need a common administrative database and we have been charged with owning this. EUCLID only holds UoE students and won't be accessable to other institutions anyway.



Timescales: SICSA is critical. Note that all milestones currently all have one fixed date until the timescales are known.

Priority: Very high

Time: Less than one month.


Proposal: See plan.

Resources: Effort

Plan: Review SICSA requirements. Develop an "approved" data model. Implement data model in PostgreSQL. Populate with existing data from SICSA. Develop Plone web interface to allow iFriend authenticated admin staff at all institutions to update.


Dependencies: Zope/Plone installation. PostgreSQL installation.

Risks: Agreeing a model. SICSA requirements "expand". Making sure what is done would be compatible with any future central database technology.


Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-03-08 2009-03-13 Review Review SICSA requirements.
2009-03-08 2009-03-13 DataModel Produce SICSA Data Model
2009-03-04 2009-04-30 iFriend Check if iFriend access to PostgreSQL can be supported.
2009-03-20 2009-03-30 Model Implement data model in PostgreSQL database.
2010-04-30 2009-04-30 Interface Implement Plone web interface for updates.
2009-05-07 2009-04-21 mockup Mockup front end pages for SICSA aproval
2009-04-30 2009-04-30 SICSA Setup and test remote institute access to SICSA data model in PostgreSQL.
2009-05-09 2009-04-25 SICSAPopulate Populate data model with existing SICSA data.
2009-03-25 2009-04-01 SICSAprePopulat Populate the database with information about current (pre 2009 induction) students
2009-05-20 2009-05-12 sicsa_test_db Create a development database to allow development whilst Anna is using the database.
2010-10-01 2009-06-30 working DB for Create a working frontend which will allow SICSA board of studies to meet
2009-06-05 2009-06-10 Randomdata Write script(s) to populate the database with random data for test purposes. These scripts should also work with the data from the St Andrews application submission system.
2009-07-30 admin functions Add support for standard admin functionality (add/remove students and staff)
2009-08-14 reports add sundry reports as required.