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Forum Information Display Screens

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Make operational the 'information display screens' currently installed at various locations within the Forum.


The evaluation phase of this project will produce various pieces of documentation as necessary to cover the usage requirements for the screens, technical matters relating to getting them operational, etc. It may also produce software and/or configuration files as necessary for any prototyping work done in the course of the evaluation.

Depending on the outcome of all of this, the implementation phase will make the screens work in some final form.

Delivered software and documentation:



All Forum users, but specific requirements are expected to come from people with responsibility for the running of the Forum (e.g. Head of School, Marije Vugts) as well as the Forum User Group.

Case statement:

Several information display screens are either planned to be - or have already been - installed at various locations within the Forum: two large screens near the main entrance of the building; and six smaller screens on levels ground to five. They need to be made operational in some way.

The large screens are envisaged as non-interactive displays which present information relevant to the School and/or this building; the small screens are touch-sensitive and are envisaged as interactive displays which will run in some kind of 'kiosk' mode.
In both cases, we need to provide hardware and software to drive the screens but, since we expect the usage to be made of the large screens to be completely different from that of the small ones, it is likely that the hardware and/or software to be used in the two cases will differ.

The actual information content is outside the scope of this project: it is expected that that will managed by people outside the CO community.




Priority: CEG has rated this project as ?important.


Four FTE weeks - actually took 28.5 days.






Dependencies: Project #66: Virtual Open Day looks like it could be relevant to the large screens.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-06-22 2009-06-10 1.0 [Small screens] Capture general usage requirements
2009-08-06 2009-06-10 2.0 [Large screens] Capture general usage requirements
2009-06-17 2009-06-17 3.0 [Small screens] Configure the touchscreen to work with a DICE box
2009-06-17 2009-06-17 4.0 [Large screens] Investigate the current hardware configuration of the large screens - possible video inputs; controls; etc.
2009-08-14 2009-07-01 5.0 [Small screens] Configure a DICE box as a web kiosk
2009-08-28 2009-07-08 6.0 [Small screens] Produce, for user comment, a working prototype of a touchscreen kiosk
2009-09-09 2009-09-30 7.0 [Small screens] Produce documentation covering what has been done to produce the prototype system, along with final recommendations
2009-12-01 2009-09-30 8.0 [Large screens] Produce documentation explaining how the screens work and how they might be set-up
2010-12-13 2010-12-01 9.0 Produce/collate full set of documentation for both types of screen, including back procedures etc.