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FC5 services

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Description: Coordinate and monitor the transition of all DICE FC3 based services to FC5. The actual responsibility of transitioning the services will lie with the Unit responsible for that service.

This is a subproject of the FC5Upgrade, see the bugzilla diagram for a break down of how the services are assigned to the Units.

Deliverables: Production quality services running on DICE FC5 servers.


Customer: All DICE users in some way or another.

Case statement: We need to upgrade to FC5 as part of the annual upgrade program which is needed to support new hardware. We also ease the management burden if all machines are running the same level of OS.


Status: The transition of services to FC5 has begun, though little time has been spent

Updated FC5Upgrade Wiki page with links to outstanding FC5 Unit Bugs

We are down to our last two FC5 Services bugs. I believe they are probably done, but need the RAT unit to confirm this.

The project report is now online at

Timescales: Needs to be complete by EOL FC3, which is December 2006. However, for those services where the underlying OS is exposed to the users, they should be transitioned to FC5 as close to the beginning of the new semester, 18th September 2006.

Priority: High

Time: Guestimate 1 man year of effort.


Proposal: Migrate all current services running on FC3 to FC5. With priority given to those where the users are exposed to the underlying OS, eg multiuser login machines, web servers. Not things like print or LDAP servers.

Resources: This is a large scale project and will require wide cross Unit resources. Mostly the Unit leader will be expected to progress their Unit's responsibilities, with the project manager recording their progress. Project manager requires good project management skills.


  1. Produce bugzilla list of services that need transitioned. Done, see Bug #2040, this produced some 60 services to be transitioned.
  2. Produce list of machines that the existing services are running on, and a date for when it will be FC5'd. Possibly try to track progress automatically from LCFG resources.
  3. Set a date by which if you are assigned an FC5 transition bug, you may not reassign it, ie it it becomes the owners responsibility to transition that service.
  4. Request regular (weekly/fortnightly) reports from Unit leaders asking for progress, but more importantly, blockers that are out-with that Unit's control. Remind people to close their bugs as services transitioned.
  5. Repeat 4 until to all services are FC5 and date

Dependencies: Base FC5 DICE platform, Bug #1943. Each service may/will have its own dependencies, these should be tracked in bugzilla.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2006-11-01 2006-09-13 Server List Generate a list of DICE server hardware, and the OS they are currently running. This list is to be updated daily.
2006-11-16 2006-11-10 Fix transition Get agreement that FC5 transition bugs my no longer be reassigned (outwith a Unit) beyond 10/11/2006.
Had a Unit Heads meeting on 16th Nov, and this was agreed.
2006-11-16 2006-11-15 Unit Goals A realistic statement from the Units about which services and servers will be FC5 by the end of the year, and conversely which will not.
At a meeting of Unit Heads on the 16th, Nov. The a list of machines which would not be FC5'd by the year end was agreed. See
2007-06-05 2007-02-28 Stage3Complete Stage 3 (implementation) should be complete by the end of the year. ie all services FC5'd
2007-09-03 2007-08-31 ProjectReport Produce a report covering the experience gained/lessons learned during the transition of the services from FC3 to FC5.
As agreed at the last dev meeting, just a brief couple of paras will do.
Report now on line at