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Moving kit from sites to Forum

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Description: This project is concerned with the relocation of all active servers from the machine rooms at KB, BP and FH to the server rooms in the Forum, Appleton tower amd Kings Buildings

Deliverables: The successful relocation of our server hardware to the three server areas we will be retaining long-term.


Customer: The School of Informatics

Case statement: Various deadlines have been set (see the appropriate mailestones for details) for moving out of the old department server areas depending on the new uses to which these buildings are to be put. We need to ensure that our kit in these areas is relocated before we lose access to them.


Status: This project is ongoing. Currently, kit which would normally be located in AT is (mostly) at Forresthill to allow the AT server area to be refurbished. The next effort will be to move kit from the KB server area to the Forum to allow that area to be refurbished. Some kit will remain in our temporary server area in KB-2501 while this refurbishment is taking place

Timescales: See individual milestones. The overall timescale is highly dependent on external issues such as whether server area refurbishments are completed on schedule.

Priority: High




Resources: Input from each Unit as to the disposition of the hardware they are responsible for. Physical assistance and the appropriate equipment for actually making the move.



Dependencies: Access to the refusbished server areas in Appleton Tower and JCMB



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-01-23 2009-01-23 Decant from AT Temporarily move kit located in AT server area to other locations (mainly ForrestHill) to allow the refurbishment of the AT basement to take place
2009-03-18 2009-03-18 Move KB->IF Move of all server kit moving to the Forum
2009-08-05 BP->IF/AT/FH Move off server kit from BP server room. Note that due to the current building work under way, most kit will probably move to the Forum in the first instance even if that isn't its final destination
2009-12-31 KB2501->server Milestone for moving the KB kit temporarily moved to 2501 back to the refurbished JCMB server area
2009-12-31 FH/IF->AT Move of kit back into refurbished AT server area
2009-12-31 Out of FH Final move out of FH server area