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Provision of new Networker server

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Description: The School has a considerable amount of data backed up using the Networker backup system. Though Networker is no longer used for backing up School file systems, there is still a requirement to be able to restore older data backed up with networker. With the demise of old networker server, this facility is not currently available. This project would manage the installation of a new networker server and the restoration of this facility.

Deliverables: A new server running Networker


Customer: School

Case statement: This is essential if we are to continue to be able to access older data


Status: Moving this project to Linux proved significantly more difficult than had been anticipated. In view of this and the lack of requests for networker restores (in extremis, we can use the original Solaris server) it was agreed to drop this project.



Time: Two weeks have been allocated for this project.



Resources: Knowledge of Networker and probably Solaris.


  1. Determine best approach to take. Should we simply reuse an existing sun server (no initial costs but expensive in power and maintenance) or buy new Sun hardware for the service? Will networker work with Solaris 10 or will we have to stick with Solaris 9? Could we use Open Solaris and cheaper hardware? Could we buy a version of networker which isn't Solaris based and would our existing indexes etc work with it?
  2. Install new server as determined above
  3. Install Networker and tape drive on new server
  4. reinstall backup indexes from ouroboros mirror
  5. Perform test restores

Dependencies: None.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2010-03-08 Determine appro Determine best approach to take (some possibilities are detailed in plan section)
2010-03-01 Mistake Created in error. Ignore
2010-10-01 install server Install the new server as eventually determined in step 1
2010-10-01 test Install the networker indexes from mirror and perform test restores