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Inventory System

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Description: An inventory system to replace the existing mysql inventory and orders database with web/cgi interface.


A system that has all the positive attributes of the existing system, few if any of its negative attributes and additional features as determined by the requirements capture.

Documentation and training materials for the Computing Support Officer (Administration) for data input and for other computing staff for running queries and reports.


Customer: A properly functioning inventory of equipment is a legal requirement for the School/University but the main users of the system will be computing staff.

Case statement: It would be helpful for management to have a more flexible query and reporting mechanism than exists on the current system.



Timescales: Main development work in the February - April 2007.

Priority: Medium to high (presumably could however make do with existing inventory system until this project resourced).





Requires understanding of and experience in databases and user interfaces to same.

Estimate a requirement of about 3-4 full weeks of a person with the above skills (but depends on outcome of requirements capture).


  1. Carry out a proper requirements capture exercise before proposal can be firmed up.
  2. Evaluate alternative technologies (database engine mysql, postgres, ingres etc) and the extent to which they can be integrated into existing structures (e.g. TEC database GUI, authentication, LCFG managed)
  3. Set up server for database (or use existing server if appropriate)
  4. Set up/create user interface for loading data.
  5. Bulk load existing data for testing.
  6. Write documentation and training materials.

Dependencies: No dependencies on any existing projects.




Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2007-03-05 2007-03-07 requirements ca Requirements capture by end of year
2007-05-02 2007-05-02 proposal Propose details of how the new inventory system will be implemented.
2007-07-31 2007-08-01 Define tables Define database table changes/additions to support new inventory system.
2007-10-15 2007-10-15 Database change Implement changes/additions to database tables.
2007-08-28 2007-09-05 Old -> New Synchronise file records in old and new formats. Creation/change to old format record triggers creation/change to new format record.
2007-10-02 2007-10-03 Input mechanism Develop new input mechanism creating new format file records and trigger to create /change corresponding old format file record.
2007-11-06 2007-11-07 New format load Develop loading of new format records into database.
2007-11-20 2007-12-03 Bulk load Bulk load all historical records and set up syncronisation of new format file records with database.
2008-03-28 2007-12-12 Command line sc Create command line scripts for common data updates e.g. change of location.
2008-11-04 2008-10-31 Documentation Complete documentation.
2007-11-20 2007-11-22 hosttoinfdb Get the ordershost updating the informatics database when either custom format or xml format records are created/updated.
2008-08-31 2008-05-07 Clean data Work to clean data so that a higher percentage of the data currently held in profiles is transferred to the database.
2008-09-30 2008-09-30 exportheaders Export inventory data from the Informatics database as header files for each host for inclusion in LCFG profile.