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JEdit ML Interface enhancements

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Description: MRG have developed an interface for working with PolyML, called the IDE-mode.
A prototype plugin for jEdit has been developed which allows exploration of type information, etc across this interface. The project is to further enhance this plugin, adding, for example, formatting of PolyML's output buffer. This project will involve close working with Lucas Dixon, who developed much of the prototype plugin.

Deliverables: A simple interface widget for the PolyML jEdit plugin developed by Lucas; basically a simple HTML-like panel which can present status / error messages from the ML process.


Customer: Lucas Dixon, for CISA.

Case statement: This project was created to use left-over effort owed to the customer. It is necessary to spend this time in some way.


Status: Not started, though effort has already been paid for.

Timescales: One month of CO time, from 20th November 2009.

Priority: TBC. Effort already paid for.

Time: See 'Timescales'


Proposal: See 'Deliverables'

Resources: Nothing special, though Lucas has requested use of a spare desk in his office for closer working.

Plan: See 'Description'


Dependencies: Lucas' time, which is to be dedicated to the project for the duration.

Risks: Slippage due to urgent CO operational tasks.

Entering predicted pandemic season.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-11-21 environment Download all relevant sources and code, and run the plugin as-is. Figure out toolchain for plugin development.
2009-12-10 code Most code should be in place, and a working prototype with appropriate bug / enhancement list in place.
2009-12-21 Complete Project should be complete; all effort will have been spent.