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Deploy TiBS to self managed machines

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Description: Extend the scope of TiBS' operation to encompass the backing up of self managed machines including laptops.

Deliverables: A new backup service for self managed machines replacing the existing retrospect service


Customer: School

Case statement: The existing Rertrospect service is outdated, fully subscribed and runs on outdated non-standard hardware, some of which is begining to fail. At the same time there is a demand within the School for a backup service which will cater fro self managed machines and laptops. At this time. there is no appropriate central service.




Priority: In project list for Nov 2009 -> April 2010

Time: 4 weeks have been allocated for this project





  1. Investigate TiBS confguration changes needed
  2. Make any modifications required to tibsconf component
  3. Develop mechanism for setting up backups
  4. Identify small number of early adopters and begin backups
  5. expand scope of backups as appropriate

Dependencies: KNowledge of TiBS configuration



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2010-03-10 2010-03-05 Investigate cha Investigate what changes are needed to the TiBS configuration
2010-10-01 2010-10-01 Update tibsconf Make whatever changes are necessary to the tibsconf component to allow selfmanaged backups
2010-10-01 2010-04-23 develop mechani Develop a mechanism which will allow users to set up backups on their self managed machines
2011-02-01 2010-10-22 identify & depl Identify a small number of early adopters for the new system. Deploy the opt in mechanism and begin backups
2011-03-01 2010-11-08 expand scope Widen scope of service to other users as appropriate
2010-10-01 2010-10-01 Documentation Write documentation for users and for frontline support detailing installation procedure and ongoing administration for backup/restores.
2011-01-01 2010-10-15 Upgrade TiBS Upgrade TiBS to 2.5.02 to allow use of latest client software
2011-07-08 signoff Complete user acceptance and sign off