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School Database - Changes for Prometheus

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Description: Changes required to support Prometheus.

Deliverables: Changes required to support Prometheus. Specifically this is custom views of "users" and "roles". While these exist already they need to be changed to use the new Person UUID (which needs to be generated) and the Email address factored out (as its no longer a single field of multiple values). Ownership/maintenance of email address needs to be discussed, as well as UUN. In addition views also need to be created for ancillary user information (site, room, telephone number etc).


Customer: Prometheus for DICE account management and authorisation control (primary roles).

Case statement: Prometheus will replace the existing account management and the revised data model for the School database will require changes in how the existing Prometheus feeds are constructed. Failing this the existing account management scripts will need to be updated instead.



Timescales: Needs to happen in tandem with SchoolDB changeover to new Data Model and with introduction of Prometheus and essentially prior to 1st August (session rollover) after which in principle new user accounts can be created.

Priority: High.

Time: Its probably only a few days effort on its own, but dependent on and tied to a lot of other effort residing in other projects.



Resources: Nothing over and above existing service requirements.



Dependencies: New School Database Data Model implementation.

Risks: Primary risk is lack of effort resulting in the failure of any one of the inter-dependent components.


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