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Course In A Box

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Description: This project aims to produce requirements for a set of self-contained web-page templates and configuration files (similar to those for Institute In A Box) that facilitate the creation and maintenance of websites for Informatics Courses using the preferred WCMS within Informatics.

Deliverables: A set of template requirements, with some filtering for feasibility and viability.



  • ISS (ITO)
  • Course Organisers

Case statement: The University re-branding exercise does not currently apply to all web pages. The attempt to present a unified appearance for Institutes resulted in the Institute In A Box collection of templates, etc, and a similar structure is required for Informatics Courses. This may be an interim solution if a unified central approach is developed, but if/when this might be delivered is unknown.









  • Services Unit time (Roger)
  • A preferred WCMS


  1. Establish who will use the CIAB webpages (from the data
    generation, data maintenance, and data usage points of view), and who
    will be responsible for the sign-off decision. Get agreement on
    project scope.
  2. Collect requirements/wish-lists from all relevant interested
    parties, identifying what they want and expect from this project (be
    aware that each person has an individual perspective, so gather the
    different requirements to build a complete picture of what the project
    should achieve).
  3. Sort out collected requirements into categories:

    • Functional requirements

      (the features and functions with which the end-user will interact directly)
    • Operational requirements

      (operations that must be carried out in the background to keep things functioning)
    • Technical requirements

      (issues that must be considered for successful implementation)
    • Transitional requirements

      (steps needed to implement change to new service)

  4. Examine requirements and categories, ensuring that requirements are:

    • precisely defined

      (not ambiguous or vague, and listed in sufficient detail to create a working system)
    • prioritised

      (identify which requirements are necessary, and which merely desirable)
    • compatible

      (do not conflict with existing processes, products and people)
    • consistent

      (not contradictory or mutually exclusive)
    • feasible

      (technically possible, and politically and pragmatically acceptable)

  5. Agree the acceptable final list (with the "stakeholders")



Dependencies: The development of pages, templates, and workflow practices depends on the WCMS to be used. A final decision about a particular WCMS has yet to be made (but Drupal is a strong contender). Any dependencies will relate to WCMS-specific issues.

Risks: Reliance on external support for WCMS used


Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2010-10-12 2010-10-18 Discussion doc Prepare first-stage discussion document prior to meetings with Course Organisers (COs), ISS (ITO), &c
2010-11-08 2010-10-29 Plan meetings Arrange meetings with Course Organisers (COs) & ISS (ITO)
2010-11-12 2010-11-26 Meetings 1 Meet with Course Organisers (COs) & ISS (ITO)
2010-11-29 2010-12-12 Update 1 Revise discussion document & circulate to teaching staff