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ERA Integration

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Description: Investigate how best to make use of the contents of ERA within the School.

Deliverables: The main deliverable would be Publication Repository/Edinburgh Research Archive data presented on our web pages in a format that we require. However to achieve this we may have to reinvent the wheel by extracting all the data from PR that we can and re-organising it in a way that suits us, rather than being able to query the data directly.


Customer: School

Case statement: The 2008 RAE was a success, but has been replaced by the The Research Excellence Framework (REF) for publication in 2014 Publications and citations are an important part of this, so we need to make sure our publications etc are publicised an available for citation. [check that his is actually accurate, perhaps ask Alan Bundy or whoever is involved - neilb]



Timescales: Could be as little as a couple of weeks if we are just reusing the data in the PR. If we have to do more data mining of the PR data, then estimate 4 weeks.





Resources: Possibly SQL expertise from the RAT unit or Alison D.
Existing hardware should be fine.

Plan: Initially we need to speak to who's responsible for this upcoming REF and see if they are happy with the initial data that the PR is producing and that it's will meet their requirements.


Dependencies: Depends to some extent on how ERA develops in the future. Though equally this could be the reason we need to reinvent the ERA wheel, if it isn't going to be suitable for us in time.

Risks: If we don't have good publication information available, ready for citing, then it could negatively affect our REF standing. [again someone who actually knows about the REF/RAE should check this statement, this is just my take - neilb]


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