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Development of HiGraph Application

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Description: HiGraph is a system for presenting graphs, for displaying and manipulating hierarchical proofs generated by the proof planner IsaPlanner.

The software is currently in an early stage of development. It is relatively stable and usable, but contains many known bugs and lacks features required for its wide uptake. The project, therefore, is to remedy this situation by making HiGraph a more complete product.

Deliverables: To produce an improved version of the HiGraph system. To produce a packaged and distributable release of the HiGraph system. To fix most serious bugs in the existing product, and add new features.


Customer: This project has been requested by Alan Bundy for CISA, and is funded by a grant provided to the institute.

Case statement: As CISA have specifically requested and funded this support, the development is to be performed as 'paid support'.



Timescales: The entire project has a limited timescale of Jan - Mar 2006, as its time is constrained by the Proof General for Eclipse project and CISA's grant period.

It is desired that the project should be complete by the end of March 2007.

Priority: This project is the only one scheduled during this timeframe, though as computing officer it is possible that operational matters might take priority, should any responsibilities require urgent attention.

At present there is no expectation that any other task should take a significant proportion of the allocated time.

Time: 1. Estimated at one week.
2. Estimated at less than one week.
3. Is difficult to quantify, but will form the bulk of the work and be an ongoing process. Expect six weeks. Details of the work required
4. Will take several weeks, and will probably be approached incrementally.
5. Should take no longer than a few days to implement, but could take a week or so to plan.
6. High-priority features will take at least four weeks to implement, however the number of features integrated will depend on the time remaining.
7. Will be performed if time remains, and will take several weeks, if time permits.



Resources: The project will require the development time of one CO.

This is a straightforward software development project with no exceptional computing demands, therefore no additional resources will be required.

Plan: 1. Refamiliarise with code
2. Produce a distribution system for HiGraph
3. Fix major bugs
4. Extend documentation and testing
5. Improve internal representation
6. Provide extra features such as symbol and clipboard support
7. Provide interface improvements


Dependencies: The timescale for this project depends on the grant period, which ends in March and means that this project is sharing effort with the Proof General for Eclipse project.

Risks: The major risk to this project is that it is marginalised by the Proof General for Eclipse project, which might overrun, and not complete by the hard limit of end March 2007.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2007-03-12 2007-03-02 Refamiliarise Refamiliarise with code
2007-04-02 2007-03-31 Development Development ended. Code base updated and fixes applied. Some new features complete. Completed work to be signed off to project requestor.
2007-04-02 2007-03-31 packageable Automatically pacakge to a JAR using Ant, to assist external use.
2007-04-02 2007-03-31 documentation Add comprehensive developer documentation.