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Introduction of Drupal as the new commodity WCMS

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Description: After much debate, the decision was taken to switch to using Drupal as the School's commodity WCMS. This project will handle the introduction of a full Drupal service into the school

Deliverables: A Drupal WCMS service, fully documented and managed via LCFG. An upgrade path from the current Zope/Plone WCMS may also be developed as part of this project.


Customer: School

Case statement: repeated requests from the School user base and the increasing use of Drupal within the rest of the University have lead to the decision to use Drupal as the School's commodity WCMS in future. We need to develop a service to support this decision.


Status: Drupal 7 was released at the beginning of 2011

Timescales: The need to gain the appropriate knowledge of Drupal will lengthen this project. At a rough estimate:

Drupal Knowledge acquisition: 2 weeks
Implementation: 4 weeks
Documentation: 1 week

Priority: Though we have a commodity WCMS in place, we would be reluctant to create any more web sites using the existing system. This project should therefore have a fairly high priority.




Resources: Knowledge of Drupal and Apache We should make every effort to make use of the Drupal knowledge which exists in the rest of the University.



Dependencies: Release of Drupal 7.



Achieved date Proposed date Name Description
2012-02-03 2012-02-03 initial test si Set up test site for initial investigations
2012-07-21 documentation Produce user and system documentation
2012-06-30 multiple sites Decide how to handle virtual hosts (one big server or many separate servers)
2012-06-20 module list draw up initial module list. It may be helpful to refresh the requirements list originally generated to guide the selecton of the WCMS to aid in identifying which modules are required. Also see Biological Sciences, G.Poxon's list.
2012-07-14 skinning Add School/University look and feel
2012-06-20 development env Decide on recommended development environment. ie RPM or filesystem
2012-07-31 package decide on packaging of core drupal compoments. Though this is important, getting a service up and running is more important. Cross college work may do this part for us.
2012-07-31 mod manage decide how to do module management. Though this is important, getting a service up and running is more important. Cross college work may do this part for us.
2012-06-20 Workflow Decide how workflow should be handled on the new site(s)

Currently stalled. While waiting for news on central IS hosted drupal service. Feb 2013.