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Database-driven network configuration - feasibility study

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Description: It has been suggested that some of the network configuration could be driven from the database, so allowing the admin staff to set up ports indirectly for users as they move around the Forum. This project is to determine how feasible and cost-effective that would be.

Deliverables: Feasibility study, to include at least a description of methods by which the two things could be hooked together, anticipated problems, work to be done, ... This project will definitely not result in any changes to the existing network configuration.


Customer: Admin and computing staff

Case statement: Per CEG of 27th April 2011, it would be nice to have some of the network configuration stuff more integrated with other sources of data, and in particular the School database. However, at the moment it's not entirely clear what would be involved. This project is to find out!


Status: Created following a CEG discussion.

Timescales: Estimate 3-4 weeks of thinking, discussion and writing time.





Resources: Someone who knows their way around the network configuration. Discussion time with a database expert, Support and the techs. DevProj#33 produced a report on the network management mechanisms in use which might provide useful input.



Dependencies: Probably lots.

Risks: At the moment the network configuration is held in one place on one server per site in the form of flat files under RCS control, with extensive mirroring between the network servers. We don't want to break that without good reason, as anything which complicates things has the potential to make it harder to recover from disasters.


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