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Full-service jabber

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Description: Our current jabber not-a-service has a few rough edges. Bring it up to scratch.

Deliverables: A proper jabber service


Customer: COs at least; nagios

Case statement: Our existing jabber not-a-service has quite a few rough edges. The Operational meeting of 28th September 2011 decided that doing it properly would be well worth it. The IS-run not-really-a-service was felt to be not suitable.


Status: The Operational meeting of 28th September liked the idea of doing jabber properly.

Timescales: Estimate a week to evaluate the options and produce a report; then probably another couple of weeks to implement it.





Resources: The existing non-service runs piggy-back on one of the nagios machines. This is unsatisfactory for several reasons, and would be unsustainable for a full jabber service. A new server will therefore be required.


  1. Evaluation: the existing code is in need of an upgrade, so before we do anything else we should look to see whether it's still the best codebase, and if so whether there's a newer version out.
  2. Produce a report:

    • Service must be production quality
    • nagios messaging required
    • Web access to logs highly desirable (note that this may interact with nagios, if co-hosted)
    • Log access must track chatroom access
    • Ideally controlled from a prometheus conduit??
    • It would be good to get the web interface to jabber (see "iTalk" on the not-a-service page) working again
    • Should be available to whole School in a way which can be easily managed

  3. Implementation: assuming approval, implement a service based on the recommendations of the report.

Dependencies: The "cos" chatroom is well used. nagios notifications initially come via jabber; indeed, this was a motivation for the current not-a-service.



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