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Move user and group web space to AFS

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Description: We still have a considerable amount of user and group web content (homepages is one obvious example) mounted on our web servers via NFS and AMD. This project would move this content to the Schools AFS file system.

Deliverables: Most, if not all web content now on NFS file space moved to AFS space


Customer: School

Case statement: NFS mounted web space has many disadvantages. It can only be edited on machines within the School's firewalls and its existence requires that we maintain our NFS and AMD infrastructure. Moving this data to AFS would allow us to expend this effort elsewhere.


Status: proposal

Timescales: Three weeks





Resources: Sufficient AFS space to contain the content

Knowledge of AFS and apache/waklog


This project now has two elements

  1. The transfer of homepages sites to separate AFS volumes. This will have many advantages including fine grain access control, fine grain quota control, the ability to access homepages sites from outwith the university and the ability to remove homepages sites as part of the account lifecycle mechanism.
  2. The segregation of sensitive and non-sensitive data on homepages. This will probably involve running two homepages server, one much more secure than the other.

Dependencies: This project depends on there being a working version of waklog for our web servers, This of course is not a requirement exclusive to this project

Risks: Performance of AFS service. Could AFS server be adversely affected by significant web traffic. Perhaps this could be mitigated by separate storage/servers for web areas.

Future dependency on waklog.


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