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Infrastructure for New Informatics Forum

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This project encompasses all the Infrastructure Unit activities relating to the new Informatics Forum, including:

  • Design of our network within the building, and its interfaces to outside.
  • Specification of those network components which are to be installed by the contractor.
  • Specification and procurement of those network components which are to be installed by us.
  • Configuration of the network switches, coordinating with people moving in.
  • Meetings with contractors and others, as required.
  • Training, as required.
  • Documentation, as required.
  • Firewalling.
  • Routing.
  • Wireless coverage, and related issues.

Some areas have been spun out as separate projects:

Deliverables: A working new Informatics Forum building (including but not limited to
the networking)!


Customer: Everyone.

Case statement: Informatics will move into the new Forum building some time this year. We have to ensure that our requirements are met, and that we are ready for the move.




The project's working documentation can be found here.

There is a discussion of the options for wireless networking on the inf-unit network documentation pages.

There are slides available for a presentation on "Lessons Learned" given to the IT Futures group.

Timescales: While it would be possible to phase in some of the management tools afterwards, most of this has to be done in time for the currently-expected Practical Completion date of 30th March 2008.

Priority: Overriding.




Resources: Lots of person-hours! About half of the switches have now been delivered; the remainder are pending a choice between 2650 and 2610-48.



Dependencies: There appear to be no external dependencies at present.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2008-06-16 2008-03-30 forumPractComp Practical completion has slipped. This date is a best-guess as to the likely completion schedule.
2008-08-12 2008-08-11 SRplan Plan the layout of the server room
2008-11-14 2008-11-16 Weval Evaluate wireless coverage
2008-12-12 2009-01-14 Wchoose Somehow decide which wireless system to install
2009-05-13 2009-04-30 Winstall Install (outsourced to IS) wireless APs
2009-06-12 2009-06-12 inSpacePC inSpace practical completion
2009-09-04 2009-09-30 NUT Have nut poll the UPSes, and set up master/slave infrastructure.