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LCFG SL7 port (inf level)

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Develop LCFG inf level support for Scientific Linux 7 (SL7)

Develop Inf level support for Scientific Linux 7 (SL7) targetting the desktop and server environments the x86_64 cpu architecture. This work will form the basis for the next DICE desktop and server platforms.

This will utilise DICE authentication/authorization and name services in client mode (no local services). AFS home directories will be supported. This will also create an SL7 platform at the LCFG level which can be utilised by groups which are external to Informatics.


The current DICE platform, Scientific Linux 6, was released in 2011 and is showing its age in terms of software component versions. It is important, from both teaching and research perspectives, that we keep the platform up-to-date so that recent versions of software can be used.


We are dependent on RHEL released RHEL 7. As soon as RHEL 7 beta is released (expected early 2014 Q1) we should start work. Experience has shown that we need at least 4-5 months to port the DICE desktop to a new platform. If RHEL 7 beta does not ship by early March, it is unlikely that we will be able to complete the DICE desktop in time for deployment before start of academic year 2014/2015.

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