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Review of Backup Technology

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Description: The current backup system is not much changed from that in use when Informatics was created. The vast increase in the amount
of data we need to back up and the forthcoming introduction of and AFS based file system means that we need to review the technology and methods we are using to carry out backups and also clearly define the purpose of backups. This project
would carry out such a review.

Deliverables: A report detailing possible backup strategies and associated costs along with recommendations as to which solution should be adopted. an interim report can now be found here.


Customer: All Informatics users.

Case statement: See description.


Status: Approved. With the new backup service in place, this project willbe killed and replaced by one looking into issues such as how archiving should be done.

Timescales: Aim to deliver the report by the end of the year.

Priority: Medium-high.




Resources: Familiarity with Informatics' file systems and the current backup mechanism.



Dependencies: The solution arrived at will have clear implications for the proposed project investigating the backing up of non-DICE hosts. In addition the current mechanism for backing up AFS file space will not scale well as the amount of space increase and a new method of doing AFS backups will have to be found.




Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2007-04-18 2007-03-01 peer review Peer review of backup proposals.
2007-06-05 2007-06-06 Resolve policy Suitable backup technology has now been identified but it has become clear that some fundamental issues with the way backups are done need to be resolved before investment in new technology can take place. This milestone is to produce a paper detailing these issues for discussion.
2007-09-03 2007-09-05 interimAFS We need to have an interim method for backing up AFS file space in place by the start of the next academic year
2009-06-03 Organise survey Organise survey to capture information we had hoped to get from the cancelled Innovation meeting - now not happening.
2008-10-20 2008-10-20 Install TiBs Get trhe TiBs software running on the new backup server
2008-11-17 supports docs Produce support/traiing on how to use the new backup system for support
2009-11-04 proposal Produce report detailing possible backup policy options along with details on costs etc.