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DICE SL5 Server Platform

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Develop DICE level support for Scientific Linux 5 (SL5), targeting the server environment on i386 and x86_64 cpu architectures.


A DICE level managed version of SL5 for i386 and x86_64 cpu architectures which provides a platform on which any DICE service can be installed and run.

Note that the actual upgrade of all services and servers to SL5 is not considered to be within the scope of this project: that would be more clearly managed
as a separate project.



The School of Informatics.

Case statement:

In order to avoid the need for frequent and disruptive upgrades, the School has decided to transition all services from the Fedora platform to Scientific Linux. This project will provide the necessary base platform for all such services.

This project builds on work already completed in Project 74: LCFG SL5 Port (inf level) - so see also the case statement for that project.



  1. This project is effectively complete; most of the work for this project was in fact completed by year end, 2007.
  2. At Apr 24 2008, only one low-priority bug remains unclosed, to do with build issues on the 64-bit platform for tnm. (See
    bug 2682.) We believe we have a fix for this, but, until this is tested and the bug finally closed, this project can't be formally transferred to the signoff stage.
  3. The above bug was closed on 27.11.08, and this project has now been submitted for signoff.


Aiming for completion before end of year 2007, and ideally by the first week of December 2007.







  1. Identify all components and other software that needs to be ported.
  2. Produce top-level bugzilla entries for all s/w to be ported and assign these to Unit heads (for subsequent reassigning by them.)
  3. Track closure (or not) of bugs in a weekly update cycle until the root level bug can be closed.


Relevant units and individuals will need to port, build and test components and software for which they are responsible.

Risks: This project blocks any actual deployment of servers on SL5 machines.



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2007-11-07 2007-11-07 IdentifyPorts Identify the software that needs to be ported, in conjunction with the unit heads.
2007-11-09 2007-11-09 CreateBugzillaT Create Bugzilla tree representing the s/w to be ported and assign all entries to the appropriate Unit heads.
2008-11-27 2007-12-31 Completion All necessary s/w successfully ported to SL5 (both i386 and x86_64); project complete.