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Lightweight Platform

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Description: A port of LCFG (to "inf" level) to every new version of Fedora that comes out.

Deliverables: LCFG ported to "inf" level for each new Fedora release, starting with Fedora 12.


Customer: The School of Informatics, although the other LCFG-using Schools would also have the opportunity to use it.

Case statement: Fedora changes quickly, in theory twice a year, and has a short lifespan. The short lifespan is a big reason for our abandoning it in favour of an RHEL-based distribution. However by the same token Fedora tends to have lots of recent software which RHEL lacks. One of the reasons given for postgrads abandoning DICE is the out of date software on SL5. This wouldn't be a problem on Fedora. We'd have the opportunity to provide a "bleeding edge" managed platform for those who wanted it. By tackling every Fedora release we'd also reduce the workload for each single LCFG port: the technological gap between one Fedora release and the next isn't likely to be as big as that between e.g. RHEL 5 and RHEL 6. Providing LCFG for Fedora would also make the ports to new versions of RHEL-based distros like Scientific Linux considerably easier. A suggestion is that the port starts when a Fedora beta release comes out. Providing LCFG for each Fedora release needn't be an intolerable support burden as Fedora support for each release ends relatively quickly, and our LCFG support for a release could end at the same time as the Fedora support ends.







Proposal: We should port LCFG (to "inf" level) to every Fedora release.

Resources: Two PCs and a blog. Around 8 weeks



Dependencies: Project 140 (Automated upstream repository mirroring) would make it far easier/quicker to do the ports: making the package lists by hand can take ages and be extremely awkward.

Project 138 (Rewrite the LCFG syslog component) is essential as Fedora has used rsyslog for a while now.

Project 68 (LCFG Linux Install redevelopment) is needed for Fedora & RHEL 6 as the current install system almost certainly won't work on them.

Project 49 (LCFG Boot component rewrite) may also be needed since Fedora uses upstart. We may be able to squeeze by for a short while without this as it appears that upstart can also handle old-stye rc scripts.



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