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Windows 7 upgrade

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Description: All our Managed Desktops need to be upgraded to Windows 7.

Deliverables: Upgrade to all current MDP machines to Windows 7 along with training for CSOs and end-users.


Customer: All our MDP users

Case statement:



Timescales: Dependant on IS, ISS and testing of kerberos and openAFS.

Priority: High




Resources: This will require some Windows 7 and Office 2010 training.


  • Meeting with IS in early January
  • Install test machine for kerberos and OpenAFS
  • Purchase software licenses
  • Liaise with ISS
  • Resolve Firefox version issue
  • Resolve printer installation
  • Arrange training for CSOs
  • Identify training for end users
  • Schedule upgrades with end users


  • IS timetable for updates.
  • CSO training in installation of MDP (Windows 7) and software
  • Testing of kerberos and openAFS, including Toby's time.
  • Purchase of appropriate licenses (Windows 7, Office 2010 and Acrobat)



Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2012-01-10 2012-01-15 IS Meeting To meet with Myles Ewen to discuss implementation and setting up of test machine including advice on how to install kerberos and openAFS.
2012-01-11 2012-01-31 Test Machine Install test machine to allow us to test kerberos and openAFS
2012-02-29 2012-02-15 software Test kerberos and openAFS
2012-03-31 CSO training Training in MDP installation.
2012-03-31 ISS Meeting Meet with ISS to discuss scheduling of upgrades. Dependent on solution for AFS/kerberos.
2012-03-31 Purchases Purchase all necessary upgrade licenses.
2012-03-31 User testing Ask competent end-user to help test. Dependent on AFS/kerberos solution.
2012-01-20 2012-01-20 List of upgrade Identify complete list of machine upgrades.
2012-03-15 Timetable Create timetable of user upgrades
2012-04-16 Upgrades Start upgrades
2012-03-31 firefox Work out best options for firefox versions for theon/e-financials. Possibly use Google Chrome ?
2012-04-30 printers review way printers are installed - could/should they be IS queues?