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Absence Reporting Management

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Description: A combination of factors; external compliance via UKBA and HR legislation or compliance with US accounting rules necessitate the need to update absence management procedures within Informatics. On the flipside the intention is to introduce the lightest touch possible reporting and management requirements.

One option is to introduce a webform to simplify absence reporting. An example from another School would be in School of Biological Sciences (but note secure access permissions to site). This tool allows an SBS staff member to securely notify HR of absence.

Overall requirements

  • a need to scope remit of webform, noting that the simpler the form the better
  • consideration of linked email notifications (to whom ?, saying what ?)
  • identify website location and login permissions as a submitter
  • a need to verify all against technical contraints and Data Protection Act.
  • data access to InfHR and then Oracle.
  • webform construction and data repository.

Deliverables: Effectively a web form for recording absence. Something/somewhere to hold the data submitted via the web form.


Customer: Staff

Case statement: Legislative requirement to do something.



Timescales: Required as soon as possible as current position is non-compliant with University policy or external requirements.

Priority: See timescales.



Proposal: See plan.


Plan: Initially just scope requirements and propose an implementation. Consider whether a standard WebMark form (which can be fed with external data and can send results by email) may be the quickest option.


Dependencies: Unclear if there are dependencies on any external data to drive web form and where to send/store the output of the web form.

Risks: Needs to be available very soon. Currently still a fuzzy requirement.


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