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Project Submission

Project ID: 
Current stage: 
Sort out UG4/PGT project submission/access

Description: Project to tie together project and dissertation submission for UG4 and possibly MSc and other project / materials storage.

This is required because the existing retrieval mechanism (based on 2g Theon data) needs to be scrapped but there is no clear alternative in the new world. And in any event it would make considerable sense to tie together the many different scripts and data sources which make it so difficult to find project materials at present.

Some other points / interactions:

  • Retention and archiving policies

    these need to be clarified, though retention can be bound into lifecycle if Theon / Prometheus is involved
  • mechanism for editing of erroneous submissions
  • potential continuing requirement for (live, public web) publication
  • Preferred plan is to interface with PURE subject to various conditions / requirements
  • Access to project (and materials) by external examiners
  • Data interface with Theon and/or projectsdb



The existing hodge podge of scripts is 15+ years old and dependent on the legacy school database infrastructure (and data as it turns out). Certain aspects are broken. Access to projects and materials (outside school) must be done on an adhoc basis by admin staff.


By April for UG4, August for PGT.

Effort estimate: 
1 week (for requirements capture, scoping and proposal)