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Display SAT info on AT foyer display screens

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Display SAT personal timetables on AT foyer display screens

We are obliged to present an individual timetable for students from AY 2013/2014 onwards. Our plan is to present info from our RBS onto displays in the foyers in AT. This project will implement this info display


Needs to be implemented for start of AY 2013/2014


modify RBS:
Add course feed from theon
Add unique identifier to appropriate repeated bookings
Add scripts to import/export required data
add to theon
Incoming conduit to take feed from RBS
Marry groups assigned in theon with bookings in RBS
generate html to be published on AT Display screens


Dependencies: I will have to lean heavily on Tim and Grahams Theonn knowledge and Neils knowledge of the RBS.

Risks: We may not get it done in time


Proposed date Achieved date Name Description
2009-06-18 2009-06-20 rbscourse Add course feed to RBS development
2013-07-01 2013-06-14 rbskey Add unique identifer to RBS entries
2013-07-14 2013-07-28 theonfeed Add feed to import data from rbs into Theon
2013-08-07 theonsync Sync data to active Theon tables
2013-08-14 2013-08-14 theoncode Marry rbs bookings with Theon generated groups
2013-08-20 theonreport Write report to generate html for AT screens and website
2013-08-24 test Test deployment
2013-09-07 deploy Final depolyment
2009-06-18 2013-06-20 rbscourse Add course feed to RBS development