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Mimic new 2013 Uni web look

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The main University web site has had a graphic refresh. We could/should update our local pages to look similar.

In the past we've developed local templates/skins to mimic the current look at the time. As now has a new look, our pages are now out of step with the Uni's current look. This project proposes we spend some time updating our local templates/skins to mimic the new 2013 Uni web look.


We now have 3 different styles for the main Informatics pages:

Then there's also things like our new computing help pages -


There's no particular need/rush to do this, other than a desire to have a more consistent web look.


Basically study the current structure of the Uni web pages and their CSS, and then:

    • For our Plone content, redo the existing "Institute in a box" skin that is used for our Plone content.
        For the pre-Polopoly content on www.inf, hope that we can update our /ssi/ and /ssi/ with the new look.
  • Effort estimate: 
    2 to 3 weeks

    Dependencies: Access to Uni's new look CSS, images.

    Risks: Simply changing the CSS/images may not be enough, some content structure make need altered. If this is required, it needs to be an automatic process, rather than burdening web content authors with effort to update their content.

    It may be worth looking at updating our Plone to the latest version, and using its new skinning tools, which are apparently easier than the method used for Plone 3, which we are currently using. Though that will take effort too.