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InfHR Migration from Legacy SchoolDB to Theon

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Current stage: 
Migrate the systems used by InfHR in the old School database into Theon

This covers a number of areas. The first is driven by a business analysis being done by admin. This will determine the shape of the structure under Theon. It is unlikely that there will be much migration (data or structure) from legacy in the end. It is more likely that the processes will be changed to be driven by upstream data from HR systems and the VRS, reducing the duplicated data entry currently done. Associated with this migration will be review/conversion of old conduits generating staff and institute landing pages to move into the Portal.


The InfHR systems will in due course be the only thing remaining in the old School DB setup (database, outgoing conduits framework). After this migration the old systems can be shut down removing a maintenance burden. At the moment data in 3g comes from the HR upstream source, but web pages are generated from the old 2g InfHR maintained data. There is an increasing interference/drift of the main Theon data processing from the data that is still maintained locally by InfHR resulting in discrepancies. This would be corrected by migration. The migration is an opportunity for admin to improve/automate more of the HR processes (to take advantage of features supported by Theon but not in the legacy systems).


Largely this is waiting on business analysis by admin, probably not until mid 2014.


TBD based on business analysis.

Effort estimate: 
Not possible at this stage but likely to be more than 4 weeks