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Local Forum Service

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Current stage: 
To run a lightweight Forum to replace the Forum software which will be deprecated by IS.

Paul is looking into the IS-provided alternatives (Learn & Confluence). His impression at the moment is that Learn (for example) might technically meet the functional requirements, but it comes surrounded by a lot of Learn baggage, and is sufficiently clunky that it would be a significant drop in usability which would discourage the student use that he is attempting to encourage. Paul currently hosts his IJP course pages on our ease.homepages service.

His requirements for this would be:
- clean and simple to use
- authenticates to EASE and available to anyone with an EASE account
- simple api for adding/removing users from groups
- ability to register for email notifications

Still to gather requirements from Austin Tate.


Proposed by Paul Anderson but Austin Tate also has an interest. Should be of wider interest too.


in production before July 2014 (for use with pre-arrival students)

  • DIscuss requirements with Paul Anderson
  • Discuss requirements with Austin Tate
  • Produce interim report outlining possible solutions
  • Select most viable solution
  • Provide a test installation
    • Install a DICE virtual machine
    • Include authentication mechanism (EASE?). Some content will be restricted and some may be suitable for public view.
    • Mirror the service - similar to
    • Standard backup using TiBS
    • Obtain SSL certificate
Effort estimate: 
4 weeks