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Course in a Box 2

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Description: Auto generate course information from the database that we can do easily in advance of potentially using a VLE to do this.

Deliverables: A report from the School Database containing the information as itemised on the requirements document on a per-course basis. This can be used for further evaluation.


Customer: ITO

Case statement: The existing course information is sporadic and inconsistent. The database can produce most of what is required. In fact it does already but the existing presentation is incomplete and far from ideal. Even a cleaned up presentation of loosely the same information generated for each course would be an improvement and lightweight to implement.


Status: Jumping straight to implementation. Need to get it done before term starts. Is a continuation of the work done in project 178.

Changed project leader from Roger to myself.

Submitted for sign off 5/1/2011 FinalProjectReport209

Timescales: Needed well before start of 2011 session.

Priority: It would be better than what we have but would not be a disaster to not have it.

Time: 2 FTE Weeks. This is an over-estimate but includes potential expertise learning curve and includes adding extra data not on currently generated reports.

Currently spent about 40 hours.




Plan: Get up to speed with what was actually requested agreed.
Knock up a draft web page for approval.
Write conduit to produce web pages.


Dependencies: Data in Theon. Move of data structures from 2G to 3G is supposed to happen in the same time frame and would need to be taken into consideration.




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