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Active projects

Title Project ID Unit Manager Assigned Priority
Prometheus: multiple identities 305 inf-unit toby 2
AT 6/7/8 decant to somewhere 304 compexec gdmr
AT 3/4/5 decant to Forrest Hill 303 compexec gdmr
Local Forum Service 299 us-unit alisond
LCFG systemd component 297 mp-unit ascobie 1
LCFG SL7 port (inf level) 296 mp-unit ascobie 1
IGS Misc Development 293 rat-unit timc
Produce a not-a-service for trialling 292 inf-unit toby
Research Data Audit 290 services-unit cms 2
Evaluate move of LCFG configuration from svn to git 289 mp-unit cc
Securing web servers 287 services-unit neilb
Options for two-factor authentication 279 inf-unit idurkacz
Display SAT info on AT foyer display screens 278 rat-unit iainr
LCFG client - remove obsolete module dependencies 274 mp-unit
Deploy Git and Gerrit as full services 272 services-unit cms 3
Project Submission 270 rat-unit timc
Investigate AFS on ECDF storage 268 services-unit cms
OpenLDAP: DICE client configuration 267 inf-unit idurkacz
Lifecycle code design 262 inf-unit toby
Investigate alternatives to our existing MIT kerberos authentication infrastruct 260 inf-unit gdmr
Software Download Portal/Repository: Stage 1 258 services-unit roger
VM / cloud options survey 256 compexec iainr
Documentation update - services unit 247 services-unit cms
Documentation update - RAT unit 246 rat-unit iainr
DICE virtual image with teaching software for students - trial 239 mp-unit cc
Provide support for REF 2012 232 compexec cc
ISS Misc Development 228 rat-unit timc
Replace CVS with SVN on www.inf 226 services-unit roger
LCFG client refactor - code cleanup 225 mp-unit squinney
SL6 upgrade for RAT Unit 220 rat-unit iainr
SL6 upgrade for Services Unit 219 services-unit cms
SL6 upgrade for US unit 218 us-unit alisond
Web based student password portal 215 services-unit cms
Web search front end to package repository 214 services-unit roger
Course in a Box 2 209 rat-unit neilb
School Database Revamp: Phase 1B & 2B 207 rat-unit timc
Collaborative LaTeX System - Remedial Work 206 rat-unit timc
Webmark Reform 205 rat-unit gdutton
Projects Database replacement 204 rat-unit gdutton
Review roles mechanism 197 services-unit roger
Meeting the School's Archiving Needs 194 services-unit cms 3
Improved Bug Tracking Tool 183 services-unit cms
Account Reconciliation 182 compexec alisond
KDC Rekey 180 inf-unit toby
Prometheus Enhancements 179 inf-unit toby
Prometheus AFS PTS conduit 164 services-unit cms
Implement strategy for supporting self-managed machines 147 compexec ascobie
Inventory Improvement 146 us-unit ascobie
Redevelop User Documentation 144 us-unit alisond
Further AFS development and automation 135 services-unit cms
Inspace 126 rat-unit iainr
Moving kit from sites to Forum 120 compexec cms
AV facilities 119 us-unit alisond
Improve communication with users 117 compexec ascobie
School Database Revamp 112 rat-unit timc
EUCLID Interoperability 111 rat-unit timc
EUCLID Informatics Enhancements 110 rat-unit timc
Intrusion Detection System 102 inf-unit gdmr
Revisit Account Management 75 inf-unit toby