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Completed projects

Title Project ID Unit Manager
User accessible login reports 254 mp-unit squinney
Migrate all VMware guests to KVM service 251 mp-unit ascobie
Documentation update - infrastructure unit 250 inf-unit gdmr
Increasing Energy Savings from DICE Desktops 234 mp-unit cc
Windows 7 upgrade 229 compexec alisond
System Security Enhancements 224 mp-unit squinney
KDC upgrade to 1.9 223 inf-unit gdmr
Wake-on-LAN 213 mp-unit cc
SL6 RAT packages 211 rat-unit roger
Sl6 Dice desktop 210 rat-unit iainr
SL6 upgrade for MPU services 203 mp-unit ascobie
Simple KVM based virtualisation service 202 compexec ascobie
inf-unit work for SL6 server platform 201 inf-unit gdmr
inf-unit work for SL6 development/desktop platform 200 inf-unit gdmr
Teaching/Research Software Requirements Framework 199 rat-unit roger
Install AT3/4/5 network upgrade 198 inf-unit gdmr
Procure upgrade of AT3/4/5 network 191 inf-unit gdmr
Prometheus: migration to new database feeds 187 inf-unit toby
Migration of AFS data 186 services-unit cms
OpenLDAP 2.4 Upgrade 181 inf-unit idurkacz
Course In A Box 178 services-unit roger
Evaluate UniDesk as Incident Management Tool 177 us-unit alisond
Hadoop cluster 175 rat-unit cc
Review of AT3/4/5 network 173 inf-unit idurkacz
Virtualised DICE image - scoping 172 rat-unit iainr
Server hardware interaction phase 2 171 mp-unit ascobie
Port inf-unit components to FC12 167 inf-unit gdmr
Improved Room Booking / Event Management System 165 services-unit cms
Investigate install scripts for self-managed machines 161 mp-unit cc
Port LCFG to Fedora 13 160 mp-unit ascobie
Move of www.inf to new technology 158 services-unit neilb
F12 DICE Desktop 157 compexec iainr
loghost implementation 155 compexec gdmr
Implement print quotas via Pcounter 153 services-unit idurkacz
Deploy TiBS to self managed machines 151 services-unit cms
Development of a backup strategy for Informatics 149 services-unit cms
JEdit ML Interface enhancements 142 rat-unit gdutton
Improvements in mirror management 137 services-unit cms
Server Hardware Interaction 134 mp-unit cc
LCFG Fedora 12 port (inf level) 132 mp-unit cc
LCFG SL6 port (inf level) 131 mp-unit ascobie
Content Addressable Storage (CAS) Encrypted Backup 130 inf-unit dcspaul
Wallet Implementation 129 inf-unit idurkacz
Monitoring system upgrade 125 inf-unit idurkacz
Transition from NFS to AFS 124 us-unit alisond
Progress TiBS to full service 122 services-unit cms
Upgrade Twiki 121 services-unit roger
Forum Information Display Screens 118 us-unit idurkacz
Laptop support - develop strategy 116 compexec ascobie
Software build farm 115 mp-unit squinney
SICSA Database 113 rat-unit iainr
Final stages of commodity CMS work 106 services-unit cms
Scanning for compromised machines 103 inf-unit idurkacz
OpenVPN service 101 inf-unit gdmr
Informatics Commercialisation Website 97 services-unit neilb
Package Teaching & Research Software for Fedora 96 rat-unit timc
Develop power management solution for DICE desktops 94 mp-unit cc
Future direction for the main Informatics web service 93 services-unit cms
SL5 Desktop 92 rat-unit timc
JavaMC - Proof-carrying Java Code 90 rat-unit gdutton
DICE SL5 Services 84 inf-unit idurkacz
DICE SL5 Server Platform 83 inf-unit idurkacz
Desktop Virtualization 82 rat-unit timc
Enhance LCFG support for MacOS investigation 81 mp-unit ascobie
LCFG Server Refactoring 78 mp-unit ascobie
IPMI console access 76 inf-unit idurkacz
LCFG SL5 port (inf level) 74 mp-unit cc
Cluster Parallel filesystem 73 rat-unit iainr
Logging policy and centralised logging 71 inf-unit gdmr
"Friend" lightweight authentication system 70 inf-unit sxw
LCFG Linux install redevelopment 68 mp-unit ascobie
Review/Update Submit Practical Submission System 67 rat-unit cc
Personal Response Proxy 65 rat-unit timc
Inf FC6 desktop 62 mp-unit squinney
Simple server virtualisation 61 mp-unit ascobie
LCFG buildtools rewrite 54 mp-unit squinney
DICE under emulators 50 mp-unit ascobie
Transition of Informatics staff mail services to Staffmail 48 services-unit cms
Printer Accounting and Quotas 47 services-unit cms
Replacement of LPRng with CUPS 46 services-unit cms
Replace Kx509 with CoSign for Web Services 38 services-unit cms
Review of user documentation 36 us-unit idurkacz
Investigate power management options for DICE desktops 34 mp-unit cc
Future Console Servers 31 inf-unit idurkacz
Introduce a Production FC5 Desktop 27 compexec iainr
Infrastructure for Appleton Tower Refurbishment 26 inf-unit gdmr
Infrastructure for New Informatics Forum 25 inf-unit gdmr
New Administration Samba Server 24 services-unit cms
Increase the number of nodes in the 64 node cluster. 23 rat-unit iainr
System Monitoring 22 inf-unit sxw
IGS Database Work 20 rat-unit timc
Development of HiGraph Application 19 rat-unit gdutton
Development of Proof General for Eclipse 18 rat-unit gdutton
Introduce a Web Services Server for Teaching 17 rat-unit timc
OpenLDAP Upgrade 16 inf-unit toby
OpenLDAP Replication and Server Configuration 15 inf-unit toby
Inventory System 14 us-unit ktd
Improved RPM submission tool 13 mp-unit ascobie
FC5 services 12 services-unit neilb
Release Management 10 mp-unit cc
Enhancing the Solaris LCFG Platform 9 mp-unit cc
Web Technologies and Policy 8 services-unit cms
Improved LCFG Distribution 7 mp-unit squinney
Production Condor Service 6 rat-unit iainr
64-bit FC5 5 mp-unit ascobie
Production Cosign Service 3 inf-unit toby
AFS file system 2 services-unit cms
Project Management System 1 us-unit ktd